2515505 - After School Matters - Youth Advisory Council - Science - Downtown

DowntownInternshipAfter School Matters - Youth Advisory CouncilAfter School Matters will support a youth policymaking council of 20 talented youth leaders to act as action researchers and as marketing and general advisors to After School Matters as it seeks to effectively serve Chicago youth with high quality after-school youth programming. Teens should have been involved in an After School Matters program in the past and can commit to staying involved throughout the school year 2013-2014.Spring 2016ActiveScienceSocial ScienceCommunity Organization / AwarenessThe ASM Youth Advisory Council will help ASM become more attentive to both challenges and successes in its after-school programming and will provide creative ideas and real-time feedback to the organization. In addition to the benefits to ASM and its decision-making process, the ASM Council will also provide its youth leaders with leadership development, policymaking training, and collaborative workplace experience. The youth leaders will learn how to conduct effective survey research, analyze data, facilitate meetings, speak in public, work as a team, and problem solve on real world issues. In addition, the youth leaders will learn how to create a policy "white paper" by conducting their own research, deliberating together, and writing their own policy ideas together. The youth leaders will gain valuable work experience and connections to ASM leadership that will help them apply to college and jobs in the future.CommunityOrganizationSara Martinez [(C)312-792-0766]sara@mikvachallenge.orgMikva Challenge Grant Foundation, Inc.Community-Based Organization (CBO)312-863-6340332SMICHIGANAvenueChicagoIL60604332 S. MICHIGAN Chicago IL 60604332 S. MICHIGAN Chicago IL 60604Rocio Herrera[unlisted]Mikva Challenge Grant Foundation, Inc.Catalina Salley[312-863-6386]2515505