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SouthApprenticeshipArab American Spoken Word & Hip HopThe Arab American Spoken Word and Hip Hop Program is designed to cultivate young community leaders who are comfortable addressing community and youth issues through writing, performance, and civic engagement. In addition to Spoken Word & Hip Hop instruction, our program fosters leadership and professional development; personal and cross-cultural communication skills; and critical thinking and social justice awareness. Most workshops and discussions will be led by the youth participants in an effort to promote leadership, facilitation skills, and a program environment that is youth-led and adult-guided. Youth select the themes that they would like to address in each session of the program so as to focus on issues that are directly affecting them. Past themes have included youth and gang violence, education rights, poverty, and race relations. Youth explore these themes through open discussions, documentaries, youth-led presentations, and relevant field trips. Youth then create original spoken word poems around these issues, edit their works through peer and instructor critiques, and perform before a live audience.Spring 2016ActiveGalleryPerformance ArtsSpoken WordThis program is the only one of its kind in the Arab community of Chicago, and will afford disenfranchised youth the opportunity to be trained in the art of spoken word poetry and performance taught by Arab and Muslim artists and performers, a rarity in the traditional, mainstream arts education landscape. This program offers an opportunity for Arab, Latino and Black youth to work side-by-side in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural space that reflects the diversity of our southwest side community.CommunityOrganizationMuhammad Sankari [773-436-6060]Nesreen Hasan [773-436-6060]muhammad@aaan.org; nesreen@aaan.orgArab Action NetworkCommunity-Based Organization (CBO)773-436-60603148W63RDStreetChicagoIL606293148 W. 63RD Chicago IL 606293148 W. 63RD Chicago IL 60629Chicago LawnMuhammad Sankari[unlisted]Arab Action NetworkHatem Abudayyeh[773-301-4108]2515509