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SouthApprenticeshipArtist Development Music ProgramThe program goal is to teach teenagers different aspects and genres of music as well as vocal and ear training. The program also contributes to the progress and advancement of personal growth. The students further their growth in various aspects such as job-readiness, structured living, self-confidence and self-esteem. The program goes beyond art, it teaches youth to have vision, dreams, and expectations. It follows the objective of creating and cultivating a professional and well-rounded artist, as well as a confident and ambitious adolescent. Each session presents a lesson that contributes to the final product and the student's personal artistry. Each week consist of preparation and routine methods for the Fall and Spring Youth Performance, which conclude the program. The final performance offers the youth first-hand experience and exposure. The performance is an opportunity for the students to illustrate the physical result of each teaching. The performance also presents an ancient lesson, teaching the importance of giving back to the community. The youth and their talents serve as inspiration, while captivating an audience of various demographics.Spring 2016ActiveTechAudio / Visual TechnologyMusic ProductionLearn to sing, dance, and model and earn up an award.CommunityIndependent000]; Amadeus Reams [773.299-8237Henry Fullerton [(C)773-203-6062]amadeus878@gmail.com; hfullerton@sbcglobal.netFoster ParkPark312-747-61351440W84THStreetChicagoIL606201440 W. 84TH Chicago IL 606201440 W. 84TH Chicago IL 60620Auburn Gresham2515515