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NorthApprenticeshipSennArts Team - Not StartedThe Senn Arts Team students write and illustrate short books that are childrens stories, slice-of life stories, concept books, re-told fables, comic books, illustrated poetry or re-told bi-lingual stories from their country of origin. Teens work in teams and as individuals to create these short books. Students learn 21st Century skills by working with their support team and by taking a turn as a team leader for a week. Career readiness skills and technical skills are verbalized and actively addressed on a daily basis in this program. Teens help plan a showcase where they present their completed books and other collaborative projects to the public.Spring 2016Not StartedGalleryVisual ArtBook BindingTeens create, write and illustrate short books, experience 21st Century skill activities, add to college art and writing portfolios, and have the chance to earn service learning hours and a stipend upon completion of the program.The summer program involves "work" at Misericordia. Part of this is a collaborative art project and part of it is general work around the Misericordia campus. All of the work is done in collaboration with the residents of Misericordia. As the students get paid for their time, they do not get service hours for summer. However, after completion of the projects, Misericordia allows those students to sign up for various service learning work that is approved by school counselors. Many of the students in my summer 2013 program took advantage of these service hour opportunities.CampusIndependentSharon Metzger [773 402 9928]Craig Jared Metzger [773-909-8932]jared@msmlessons.com; sharonannemetzger@gmail.comSenn High SchoolCPS School773 534 23655900NGLENWOODAvenueChicagoIL606605900 N. GLENWOOD Chicago IL 606605900 N. GLENWOOD Chicago IL 60660Edgewater2515516