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NorthApprenticeshipArts, Technology & Social JusticeYouth will learn various art forms of their choosing based on their talents or previous experience. They will then explore their role and responsibility as artist for community and social change. Youth will be trained as Artist: *Youth will be mentored and taught specific art techniques, mechanics and philosophies according to their individual interest and strengths. *Youth will participate in the creative process of making art as an individual, team and community member. *Youth will be taught project development in regards to their chosen art form. They will employ a number of best practices to take art skills from idea to completed art piece while meeting outside requirements. Youth will be trained as positive Change Agents: *Youth will be engaged in the process of reflection in regards to the society communities and systems in which they live. *Youth will be empowered to use their voice and artistic skills to address specific social or community issues they feel passionate about. * Youth will meet past and current Artists that have used their art to further positive social change and civic engagement.Spring 2016ActiveGalleryVisual ArtPrintmakingThese projects create preventive alternatives and tools for the youth in Rogers Park. The apprentices participate in leadership and anti-oppression workshops and facilitate weekly community workshops and a culminating peace and performance event.CommunityOrganizationTerrance David [(C)773. 939. 0395]James Welch [(C)(224) 402-5475 ]jwelch@howardarea.org; tdavid1@howardarea.orgThe Howard Area Community Center Computer ClubhouseCommunity-Based Organization (CBO)(773) 230 -08751527WMORSEAvenueChicagoIL606261527 W. MORSE Chicago IL 606261527 W. MORSE Chicago IL 60626Howard Area Community Center (HACC)Robert Conlon[773.381.3652]2515517