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SouthPre-ApprenticeshipGwendolyn BrooksBessie Coleman Aviation All-StarsThe program is designed to help students master their core curriculum objectives/skills and increase their capacity to invest more of their time and effort in their education. The key components and strengths of this program are: - High quality teachers/tutors with backgrounds in math, engineering, aeronautics, science and social science. - Well designed curriculum/lesson plans and supporting instructional strategies and resources - Historical and current role models of persons who overcame social barriers to achieve their academic and career goals programs and activities that will allow students to bridge their academic subjects with real world experiences and personal goals, including their participation in building and flying model airplanes. The students will learn the history of African American aviators.Spring 2016ActiveScienceApplied ScienceAviationStudents will learn about career paths in aviation and identify potential preferred fields Tutorial and After School Services (CPAMPLBC) will provide high quality tutorial and enrichment activities, with the goal of ensuring that participants reach their grade level expectation in math and science. They will show improvement in other core subjects through an integrated tutorial and motivational program that will teach aeronautics . We will also study the history of African American aviators. Increase their knowledge in math and science. We want to ensure the program successfully meets all of the needs of the students participating and accomplish the goals and mission of After School Matters and the Career Success Program. Tutorial and After School Services (CPAMPLBC)The programs foundation was designed originally by Chauncey Spencer who has partnered and given Gigi Coleman permission to use the programs foundation that has proven to be successful and will be enhanced with aviation activities to satisfy math and science goals program. . The student will apply the principles of Aeronautics by building and /or experimenting with various free flights Forms of airplanes. The flight stimulator will expose the students to the art of aviation. The students will be able to write an essay and develop a production depicting the various contributorsCampusIndependentGigi Coleman Brooms [(C)773-437-7395]William Cummings [(C)773-224-9672]gigi@flatweb.com; williamcummings@ameritech.netGwendolyn Brooks College Preparatory Academy High SchoolCPS School(773)535-9930250E111THStreetChicagoIL60628250 E. 111TH Chicago IL 60628250 E. 111TH Chicago IL 60628Roseland2515528