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NorthInternshipBUILD Youth CouncilINDAGLO (The Light Within the Darkness), BUILDs youth-led, staff facilitated Youth Council, represents a cross section of our programs and communities. Members serve as a leadership group for obtaining input regarding issues that concern youth, establishing a baseline of knowledge and creating opportunities for information sharing and training that address issues of concern. Indaglo also secures youth input on evaluation, design and development of BUILD programs. A sample of Indaglos leadership development activities includes: life skills workshops; peace/anti-gang violence rallies; community cleanups; and peer-facilitated workshops on topics such as encouraging diversity and avoiding dating violence, drugs and gangs. Indaglo is responsible for putting together the annual youth-lead conference focusing on gang/street violence. The youth council and staff of BUILD will approach this challenge of youth violence through prevention, intervention, rehabilitation, and community outreach strategies. Indaglo believes that through a positive peaceful space and a youth development approach youth can become positive ambassadors in their community. Indaglos mission is: To educate, mentor, and empower youth by finding new and interesting ways to keep ourselves informed of the ills that affect our communities. We promote social awareness and utilize our culture to heal and create a voice for the youth to follow and become leaders as well as inspire social change.Spring 2016ActiveScienceSocial ScienceCommunity Organization / AwarenessParticipants will gain life skills, become organizers in helping to orchestrate a peace/anti-gang violence rally, gain facilitation skills as they peer-facilitate workshops on topics such as encouraging diversity and avoiding dating violence, drugs, and gangs, and have fun in a supported environment where their views matter.CommunityOrganizationRicardo Miranda [(C)773-419-9570]ricardomiranda@gmail.comSan LucasCommunity-Based Organization (CBO)2914WNORTHAvenueChicagoIL606472914 W. NORTH Chicago IL 606472914 W. NORTH Chicago IL 60647BUILD, Inc.Wanda Rodriguez[773-227-2880]2515533