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NorthApprenticeshipSullivanChicago Long Form Improv - SullivanDuring the course of the program students are taught a series of warm-up and skill building exercises, short form performance games, fundamental performance skills, and techniques needed to perform long form improv. The goals of the program include creating effective and intentional communicators and performers; building unselfish, team-minded ensembles; and developing confident, unimpeded performers. Each week our objectives build on one another. Our first hour is spent on checking in, sharing thoughts, stretching and warm-ups. Our second hour is spent learning a new weekly short form performance game. This game teaches or reinforces a skill that we spend our third hour applying to long form. At the end of the program the teens have a large body of short form games and general improv skills and techniques that they can use in performance. Throughout the term we hold performances of varying scales. These include performances for the other ASM programs, for the rest of the school, and, by the end of the term, a public performance at a professional theater.Spring 2016ActiveGalleryPerformance ArtsTheatreThe Chicago Long Form Improv Program at Sullivan High School teaches teenagers the important lesson of ensemble, working together, and public speaking.CampusIndependentJack Farrell [(C)608-213-4993]jack.farrell66@yahoo.comSullivan High SchoolCPS School773-534-20006631NBOSWORTHAvenueChicagoIL606266631 N. BOSWORTH Chicago IL 606266631 N. BOSWORTH Chicago IL 60626Rogers ParkMiriam Torres[773-252-6643]2515539