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CentralApprenticeshipColored Girls Are Cover GirlsColored Girls are Cover Girls is a unique program utilizing Poetry as a means to create change, impact lives, while stimulating growth among girls of color. We teach young women their voices and their writings are valuable tools that educate their peers and community on the plight of young women of color: Issues of self harm, sexual abuse, absent fathers, low self esteem, relationship violence, communication and trust are recurrent issues keeping many young women unfocused with smiles on their faces and deep unspoken secrets in their hearts. Our program empowers young women to move forward by equipping them with tools allowing them to release and move forward. We teach every young woman to write creatively, powerfully and unashamedly. To never be ashamed of what they write. How writing and reciting builds confidence and increased self esteem. Our program believes we change lives through the art of Spoken Word one poem at a time.Spring 2016ActiveGalleryPerformance ArtsSpoken WordWe want to do what's called the Beautiful Princess. This evening we would transport our girls to First Congregational Church and we would spend the evening with Little girls ages 5 to 9yrs of age. We would tell them stories, interact with skits and improvisational situations that are age appropriate addressing conflict, bullying and self esteem. Colored Girls wants to embrace, encourage and build confidence in the lives of younger girls.CommunityOrganizationBrenda Matthews [(C)773-213-9783]Carmen Jones [773-722-1677]bmatthewsn@aol.com; heatwave1023@aol.comChristian Valley Baptist ChurchFaith-Based Organization773-762-44171237SHOMANAvenueChicagoIL606231237 S. HOMAN Chicago IL 606231237 S. HOMAN Chicago IL 60623North LawndaleTaproots, IncRuby Taylor[unlisted]2515547