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SouthApprenticeshipDigital Media ExplorationThe Digital Media Exploration program teaches teens written and verbal communications, computer software, photography and how their choices today have a direct correlation to their consequences tomorrow. Our goal is to provide youth with positive options for their future by educating and empowering them through life-skill lessons, practical skills-based opportunities and exposure to develop their talent and knowledge so that they can dream big and work to make their dreams a reality. Our objectives are: teens will improve their writing, increase their creativity, improve photography skills, learn PowerPoint/Photo Shop and presentation skills, improve interpersonal communication and public speaking skills, see the needs of their community and understand the importance of giving back. The final product will consist of a portfolio that will include a resume, personal statement, biography, public service campaign (public service plan, a business card, flyer, brochure and public service announcement) positive music video,and news journal. Our community showcase will consist of a public service announcement presentation which addresses an issue in their community and a newscast,which focuses on concerns of the youth and community.Spring 2016ActiveTechAudio / Visual TechnologyMultiMediaThe program helps to improve writing and communication skills which has a positive effect on academic performance. Teens learn to use multi-media technology, which helps them with educational and career endeavors. Teens learn job readiness skills and participate in career exploration. Teens earn a stipend. Most importantly, teens have a wholesome safe environment that they consider their own.Students produce a community show case highlighting issues in the community and offer creative ways to address the issues, while promoting positive change. Various topics encouraging education and employment during mock news conferences, which are open other students.CommunityOrganizationMarsha Eaglin [773-840-3590]Joan Fuller [(C)708-752-0138]impactfamilycenter@gmail.com; joan_fuller@comcast.netIMPACT Family CenterCommunity-Based Organization (CBO)773-840-359011300SHALSTEDStreetChicagoIL6062811300 S. HALSTED Chicago IL 6062811300 S. HALSTED Chicago IL 60628Morgan ParkIMPACT Family CenterMarsha Eaglin[773-840-3590]2515567