2515569 - Digital Photography/Photoshop/Graphic Design - Tech - South

SouthApprenticeshipBoganDigital Photography/Photoshop/Graphic DesignThis program will give students a thorough working knowledge of the technical and visual elements of photography, digital cameras, and Photoshop while teaching them about basic design and composition, as well as a rich variety of visual art and graphic design elements and techniques presented through specific photographic and graphic design assignments. In addition, students will learn how to use the basic Tools and Commands of Photoshop CS and how to Adjust the Basic Image Controls of Brightness, Contrast, Color Balance, Size, Sharpness and Cropping/Design, as well as, learning more Advanced Special Effects Visual Techniques, such as Multiple-Image, Positive-and-Negative Effects, Special Effects Filters, and High Contract Effect. Students will also learn to objectively analyze their work & their fellow students' work by participating in one-on-one and group critiques based upon the technical & visual elements of photography, art & design. In the Summer 2015 Term, students will be introduced to the use of the digital camera and photographing with it. Students will learn, while shooting landscapes/cityscapes, portraits, objects/still-lifes, and action/sports activities basic digital camera operation, exposure and image capturing techniques of Depth-of-Field and Motion Control, as well as Close-up and Macro Photography techniques. In addition, they will learn the basic technical and visual aesthetics of photography and art, as well as Photoshop CS's Photo Image Controls for digital file enhancement and Print quality. In the Fall 2015 and Spring 2016 Terms students will concentrate on learning more Advanced Photoshop CS and Special Effects, and Graphic Design Techniques, through a variety of specific Graphic Design Assignments which will be given, such as Photomontage - Art Exhibition Announcement Flyer; Multiple-Image Book Cover; Interior Short Story or Poem Illustration through use of Negative & Positive Effect; Special Effects Magazine Cover; andSpring 2016ActiveTechAudio / Visual TechnologyMultiMediaStudents will learn important general work skills in addition to the subject matter covered and produced: 1. To come to class/work on time; 2. To listen to Lectures and Demonstrations about current assignments and to ask questions if they do not understand; 3. To use and refer to Handouts of Step-by-Step Instructions on how to do assignments; 4. To meet deadlines when a given assignment is due; 5. To use the Scientific Method of Problem Solving of Observation, Data Recording and Analysis when producing and completing all assignments.Advanced/Repeat Students are given the opportunity, if desired of Auditing the Digital Photo Class and receiving CPS Service Hours by assisting the Instructor in facilitating the operation of the class by doing certain Administrative Paper Work and Equipment Set-up and Take Down).CampusIndependentPeter Chechopoulos [(C)773-259-9931]pcmacinc@sbcglobal.netBogan High SchoolCPS School(773)535-21803939W79THStreetChicagoIL606523939 W. 79TH Chicago IL 606523939 W. 79TH Chicago IL 60652Ashburn2515569