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CentralPre-ApprenticeshipCommunity Program at a CPS siteScientists for TomorrowFall session This fall, teens learn about alternative energy technologies by exploring the relationship between magnetism and electricity. They investigate the fundamental laws of electricity and conduct experiments to gain a better understanding of different energy sources including solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydroelectric power. Teens go on field trips, meet industry professionals and participate in science-related events in order to enhance their experience and to expose them to careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. For their final product, teens design and build a solar-powered cart. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spring Session Spring session - January through March-participants will learn about the fundamentals of sound and explore the mathematical relationships between the size of an instrument and the frequencies it produces. During their investigation, participants will explore the Physics of Sound and Mathematics of Music, design experiments and build musical instruments. They will explore the science behind sound, discover the mathematical relationships that rule the production of sound and music, and will explore how different instruments, (chordophones, aero phones, and idiophones) produce the same frequency although they sound different. --------------------------------------------------- Summer session Our program objectives were to teach the participants the differences between machines and robots as well as how to understand how to plan and construct machines and robots. Participants had to learn how to use new tools and use materials wisely. Participants also had to work in cooperative groups. These objectives were met by having the teens build 3 different machines and 2 robots. By completing hands-on work, the participants were able to more thoroughly understand the components of a machine and robot. Also, by building these productSpring 2016Not StartedScienceApplied ScienceEnergyCampusOrganizationIgnacio Mendez [(C)773-807-6173]Daniela Cortes [(C)414-699-0702]danigcortes@gmail.com; imende4@gmail.comHedges Elementary SchoolCPS School(773)535-73604747SWINCHESTERAvenueChicagoIL606094747 S. WINCHESTER Chicago IL 606094747 S. WINCHESTER Chicago IL 60609New CityMaricela Salazar[unlisted]Columbia College Chicago Department of Science and MathematicsMarcelo Caplan[312-369-7989]2515740