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CentralAdvanced ApprenticeshipThe Berklee InitiativeBerklee City Music is the college strategic initiative to engage under-served urban teens in a year-round music education program designed to prepare them to pursue higher education. Its purpose is to reduce specific music-related achievement gaps between minority and non-minority teens and between economically disadvantaged teens and their more advantaged peers. City Music provides quality music instruction, mentoring, and college scholarships to teens from Boston as well as to those enrolled at City Music network sites. This is achieved with the Berklee PULSE method, a cutting-edge curriculum centered around present-day music styles; the instruments that youth tend to select; and theoretical, listening, improvisational, and performance skills. Webcasting and videoconferencing technologies provide face-to-face interaction between City Music Network students and partner sites, as well as with faculty and students at Berklee's Boston campus. Teens who play musical instruments should bring them to program.Spring 2016ActiveGalleryMusicBandCommunityOrganizationHoward Sandifer [708 386-5315]Willbert Crosby [773 895-1873]hsandifer@sbcglobal.net; wilbertcrosby@mac.comChicago West Community Music CenterOther708 386-5315100NCENTRAL PARKAvenueChicagoIL60624100 N. CENTRAL PARK Chicago IL 60624100 N. CENTRAL PARK Chicago IL 6062428East GarfieldDarlene Sandifer[708 386-5315]Chicago West Community Music CenterDarlene Sandifer[708 386-5315]2515811