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CentralApprenticeshipWest African Djembe DrummingThe West African Djembe Drumming apprenticeship program explores the rich tradition of the West African Djembe drum, its music, geographic/ethnic origins and cultural significance. Apprentices will learn about the djembe drum and the cultures from which it emanates. Hand technique for djembe drumming, stick technique for dunun drumming and traditional rhythms will be taught. Discussion topics include: Malian Empire, King Sunjata, cultural/historical purpose of djembe rhythms, post-colonization Malian Empire areas, ethnic groups, languages, relevance of certain parts of West Africa as they relate to the United States. Maps of Africa will be used in explanations and discussion. Additionally, film footage from Lead Teaching Artist Michael Taylor's numerous travels to Guinea, West Africa and documentary films about Africa will be shown. Vocabulary Words: Djembe goblet shaped drum with a single goat skin head, played with the hands Dunun the Malinke word for the family of 3 drums that accompany the djembe Dununba the lowest pitch dunun Songban the middle pitch dunun Kenkeni the high pitch dunun Malian Empire area of West Africa where the djembe arose from c. 1000-1400 C.E. Numu caste of blacksmiths, said to be the first to carve the djembe drum Malinke, Susu, Baga, Gerze, Landouma, Toma, Guoro, Baule names of different ethnic groups relevant to the history of the djembe from the area of the Malian Empire Mamady Keita great djembe master and Taylors main guru Famoudou Konate great djembe master African Diaspora Africans and African culture dispersed (or spread) to other parts of the world King Sunjata great king of the Malian Empire Colonization foreign countries taking up residence in lands that are not their own West African Countries which, in post-colonized Africa, are in the area of the Malian Empire: The Republic of Guinea, Mali, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Burkina Faso, Liberia, the TamSpring 2016ActiveGalleryMusicDrummingCommunityIndependentMichael Taylor [773-909-8633]Quentin Shaw [(C)312-607-1806]dugudude@gmail.com; qtoktok@yahoo.comAustin Community Resource CenterCommunity-Based Organization (CBO)708-752-1980501NCENTRALAvenueChicagoIL60644501 N. CENTRAL Chicago IL 60644501 N. CENTRAL Chicago IL 60644Austin2515843